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Mackenzie was a girl of many talents and interests. She loved nothing more than a long run to clear her mind, and time with animals. We have chosen Positive Tracks & Kilham Bear Center to support her love for running and animals. 

There was that amazing Mackenzie, and there was Mackenzie's persistent eating disorder.  It’s easily confusing, as one lives inside the other, so they might at times appear as one.  But they were not.  The medical system for an eating disorder is confusing, and in ways archaic. We have chosen to give to Project Heal which addresses the systemic issues and helps people get access to treatment tailored to them. 


Please donate via the donation buttons below. The donation button will send you to a GoFundMe site which will allow us to gather donations and give on behalf of Mackenzie.  


Mackenzie loved nothing more than visiting the Kilham Bear Center, to family known as 'Ben's Bears'. The Knights family are very good friends of the Kilham family and have watched his facility go from supporting 5 bears to nearly 6x that amount today. Mackenzie loved heading over with her dad and bottle feeding the cubs. Your donation will go towards keeping the center open by providing food + formula, specialized vet care, and protection from the winter months. 

Mackenzie lived her life to the fullest in every way she could. Truly never saying  'no' and trying just about anything. Her eating disorder stepped in as her only 'no'; pulling Mackenzie back in many ways. It wasn't her but rather the voice inside her head. It’s easily confusing, as one lives inside the other, so they might at times appear as one.  But they were not. Of the 30M people with an eating disorder, only 20% get treatment. Project Heal aims to break down systemic, healthcare, and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment and address those the current system has failed. 

Mackenzie was a runner, achieving some extraordinary milestones. She earned many 1st place titles at 5k, half-marathons, and even marathons. New Hampshire based non-profit Positive Tracks aims to keep the power of sport, play, and physical activity alive. It provides an awesome playing field and platform where people can gather and mobilize – while learning how to take action to make a difference. Your donation will help cover event fees and programming. 

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