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Dec 09, 2020
In Memories
Oh Kenz, who couldn’t love you? You had the adorable blond bowl cut and round little tan athletic body that was out for full exposure whenever possible. You never walked, you ran ( on your toes) from 9 mos old on! You loved your “ mean ole’ Muncle Matt “ and how you liked to tease him. You were very courageous and willing to try just about anything….except unusual foods at a young age which reversed into the love of octopus, mango peach salsa, tofu and cauliflower creations and rich decedent desserts later in life! We had horse barn and Leah and I offered to let Kenz( age 6?) sit on Zeus our 16h thoroughbred , in his stall bareback while he was peacefully eating his hay ….then something spooked him and out the door he flew, trotting then starting to canter down the ramp toward the field (no time to spare ) and knowing Kenzer’s amazing athletic ability we yelled for Kenz to jump and bale! Without a hesitation she leaped from the big horse , landing in the mud, jumped up and we brushed her off and she returned with us to the house for dinner. I’m sure Leah and my hearts were still pounding as we rejoined the family in the house. Our story was never fully revealed because it wasn’t unusual for Kenz to come in from play dirty! I was scared and terrified to think what could have happened - no helmet , no halter, gate open … any horse owner knows we were breaking rules! But Kenz wasn’t an equestrian so really was unphased. Kenzie and I had a great bond that matured over the years - we shared the love of exercise. We swam together, skated in the coldest, roughest conditions on Lake Morey, hiked Dartmouth skiway and Croydon peak many times as well as other mountains, hung out by the pool sipping seltzers, attended conditioning classes, xcountry skiied and took lots of memorable walks together. We shared recipes and she was always so generous and thoughtful delivering to me anywhere, anytime her newest baked creations. I could always call on Kenz to join me for a quick adventure and I loved that spontaneity.We checked in frequently via text and had long talks on our walks. I enjoyed her openness and honesty and the desire to learn. She was very creative and made some of the most beautiful pieces of pottery I have ever seen. Her talents ran deep and she was incredibly strong in so many ways yet very sensitive. Kenz had a beautiful spirit , a strong will and big heart and she will live on with me forever! I love you Kenz❤️


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