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Dec 07, 2020
In Memories
We will always, always remember this sweet girl. Kenz stayed with us 2 summers ago while she was taking a yoga class at Stratton. Chris and I are feeling so blessed that we had that time to get to know her more during those days. She cooked for us! Yes she did! And she loved doing it. We sat around and told family stories and I reminded her of the time when she was only 3 or 4 when she visited us on Lake Winnipesaukee. During our clam bake she wandered off and with water on 3 sides of the house we all went into an immediate freak out. Everyone scattered and Peter found Kenz sitting on the dock.. When asked WHY she had wandered away she said "I needed a little space." She brought me a little red glass box shaped like a heart when she left us that summer. I will treasure it forever.


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