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Dec 09, 2020
In Memories
When I think of Mackenzie, I think of a few things immediately. I think of her waterskiing skill, showing fearless ease on the water during trips to Canada in the summer. Her love of moon boots, particularly worn when sledding at Occum. Jumping on the trampoline and ziplining in the backyard. Trick or treating on RIP road, dressed as goths or the three muskateers. Getting ready for middle school dances together. Watching scary movies at sleepovers, which didn't scare Mackenzie one bit but left me sleepless for weeks. Summers at Coniston together making new friends and enjoying the old. Jumping in the snow in our bikinis just for the fun of it, drinking virgin mojitos at Sunapee. The list of childhood memories I have with Kenz seems endless. We were so close, and so mischievous. I also cherish our more recent memories, where Kenz would ask to go on a run and I would know I couldn't keep up with her pace, so we would settle for a leisurely hike up Gile instead, even if in the middle of winter and we slipped on our butts the whole way down. Skiing Sunapee in our matching blue onesies, thinking we looked so cool and getting some weird looks along the way. I am so grateful to have had her by my side for as long as I did. Mackenzie was a bright light and I will miss her so dearly. Love you forever, Kenz.
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