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Victoria Vincelette
Dec 11, 2020
In Memories
Mackenzie was a very special and caring friend. Mackenzie and I met when we were in elementary school, Mackenzie was in the grade above me and was always someone I looked up to. As we grew up we became close friends, bonding over things we both enjoyed like yoga, hiking, and playing in the sun. Mackenzie loved to be outside, encouraged me to try new things, and helped me see the bright side of any situation. Mackenzie helped me through a lot of decisions and was someone I could go to about anything. Mackenzie and I shared a love for yoga, her talent was something I admired yet she was the one who consistently complimented me and helped me feel confident in my own practice. Mackenzie was kind, understanding, and cared about everyone around her. Mackenzie always made sure to reach out and spend time together when we were both home. The last time I arrived for a visit to Hanover, Mackenzie was already outside my house with a tray of her latest baked treat and her completely lovable smile. During our many walks and hikes together we laughed, cried, and formed a special friendship that easily picked back up even when we hadn't seen each other for a few months. Mackenzie was a light in any room and I will miss her forever. I was blessed to have known Mackenzie's contagious smile.

Victoria Vincelette

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